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Wrangler: 35% – 75% off

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Wrangler: 35% – 75% off

This season Wrangler is here with 35% – 75% off and promotions across all its stores in Dubai.


  • Jeans starting at AED175
  • Shirts starting at AED99

About Wrangler:

Wrangler is enduring American freedom; it’s in the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality. A world renowned brand known for its style, comfortable fit and ruggedness is a timeless maker of denim jeans. Wrangler, the iconic American apparel brand, has represented genuine style and comfort since it first started making jeans in 1947. Wrangler has always designed its apparel to fit the lifestyles of those who wear the brand. Authenticity, quality and value make Wrangler one of the most trusted brands in the world.

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer:

  • The special offer is for limited time period only
  • The offer is subjected to availability
  • The brand/store can apply purchase restriction on certain deals without prior notification
  • The brand/store holds complete rights to change the terms of the deals without prior notification
  • HiDubai lists deals around the city and it holds no responsibility on any promotion related matters

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