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Caha Capo: DSS offer

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Caha Capo: DSS offer

Enjoy 25% – 50% off on most of the items at Caha Capo stores across Dubai.

About Caha Capo:

The name CAHA CAPO expresses their desire of how the brand should make their customers feel. CAHA CAPO stands for CAring, HAppy, CAsual and POsitive, all virtues that have provided the foundations of their company culture and what they represent.

Designed by an internationally renowned team, their statement pieces are composed of high-quality Italian fabrics, selected sustainable materials in a variety of colours. From swimwear to accessories, their collection embodies a wide range of stylish bikinis, sold as separates, one-piece swimsuits, resortwear and board shorts with free global delivery and free returns.

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