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Zen Diamond

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Zen Diamond

Zen Diamond, the largest Diamond jewellery manufacturer and the leading exporter not only in Turkey but also in whole Europe, offers jewellery of fine quality since 1890.

Eye catching and breathtaking masterpieces are direct result of a precious experience gained throughout three generations that can hardly be underestimated when one looks at the jewellery produced by Zen Diamond.

A wide line of diamond jewellery from solitaires, trias, wedding rings to glamorous necklaces is constantly enriched by innovative and modern designs of styles with color stones that favour all budget levels. No one but Zen Diamond can offer a thriving man watches or wallets or pens or belts with Diamond that will be a good match for his image. A strong desire for leadership and success has not gone unnoticed. Zen Diamond is the first and only jewellery producer for National Geografic Society.

Zen Diamond has already became an iconic brand name in Turkey. Now one of the main goals is to promote brand Zen Diamond accross the globe by opening Zen Stores or Zen Corners through franchising. Zen Diamond welcomes every and each company or retailer store to establish a partership.

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