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Dragon Mart

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Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart – already the largest Chinese trading hub outside mainland China – is currently undergoing a phased expansion programme that will transform the area into a giant retail, residential and leisure destination, Dragon City.

The expansion includes a 2.2 million sq. ft. retail component with nearly 1.3 million sq. ft. of leasable space including a showroom-style area for events and exhibitions, as well as an integral car park with over 6,200 spaces.

There will also be a two-tower residential component with 1,120 one and two bedroom apartments, and a separate, 295-room hotel – the second hotel for Dragon Mart.

This new expansion project complements the phase one, 2.95 million sq. ft. Dragon Mart extension, including a mall, car park and hotel, which opened in 2016. Dragon City will eventually span 11 million sq. ft.

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Dragon Mart: Dubai home festival