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Bollywood Parks

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Bollywood Parks

Set foot onto the first ever Bollywood-themed park in the world and discover this hidden gem of Indian cinema. An ode to India’s prolific Bollywood industry, this exciting theme park in Dubai Parks and Resorts brings the colour and energy which Bollywood is famous for to Dubai. See the energetic style of Bollywood movie-making come to life with a variety of flamboyant rides, shows and attractions.

Five different zones make up the park, each one celebrating a different part of India’s film industry. Some of the most iconic Bollywood productions make appearances from Sholay to Lagaan, often associated with a ride or show.

But even if you don’t immediately recognize the movie or its story, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Discover the 3D cinematic extravaganzas, shoot-em-up laser rides, car chase rides and soaring flight simulators.

Fuel up at the many restaurants and eateries on site to keep your energised – you’ll need it if you want to see everything that Bollywood Parks has to offer.

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