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Orsay: 25% – 75% off

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Orsay: 25% – 75% off

Orsay is here with special discounts and promotions of 25% – 75% off across all its stores in Dubai.

About Orsay:

ORSAY stands for young, fashionable, affordable outfits, in which women can express their individual femininity at all times. Orsay offers their customers inspiring and trendy outfits in which they can express their femininity and personality. They see themselves as their customers’ fashion stylists, and are available for them anytime and through any channels. This is why Orsay is reachable anytime on every communication channel to advise them with inspiring news and the latest styling tips.

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer:

  • The special offer is for limited time period only
  • The offer is subjected to availability
  • The brand/store can apply purchase restriction on certain deals without prior notification
  • The brand/store holds complete rights to change the terms of the deals without prior notification
  • HiDubai lists deals around the city and it holds no responsibility on any promotion related matters

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25% - 75% off