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Beyond the Beach outlet: Special offer

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Beyond the Beach outlet: Special offer

Beyond the Beach is here with special discounts and promotions 25% off when you buy 3 or more items only at Dubai Outlet Mall.

About Beyond the Beach: 

An independent swimwear label, owned and operated by a small team of beach crazies. Formed in 2014, BTB cultivates classic pieces to modern styles. Our swimwear designs depict everyday unique staples perfect for each beach personality.

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer:

  • The special offer is for limited time period only
  • The offer is subjected to availability
  • The brand/store can apply purchase restriction on certain deals without prior notification
  • The brand/store holds complete rights to change the terms of the deals without prior notification
  • HiDubai lists deals around the city and it holds no responsibility on any promotion related matters.

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