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2XLs Furniture and Home Decor: Dubai home festival

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2XLs Furniture and Home Decor: Dubai home festival

The homegrown brand is dropping prices on its diverse collections for a limited time during the inaugural Dubai Home Festival. Enjoy 25% to 70% off on all items in-store, from timeless French-inspired designs to sophisticated accessories.

About 2XL Furniture and Home Decor:

2XL Furniture and Home Decor is a retailer of luxury home furnishings in the UAE since 2000. We offer a wide range of product selection which includes elite bedroom, living and dining room furniture as well as the home decor items, bath linen, kitchenware and lots more.  All our furniture and home decor designs are available online at 2xlme.com. You can browse as many home furniture and home decor designs across categories, sort and filter, easily select and buy the ones you like on our website, and stay updated about new designs.

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer:

  • The special offer is for limited time period only
  • The offer is subjected to availability
  • The brand/store can apply purchase restriction on certain deals without prior notification
  • The brand/store holds complete rights to change the terms of the deals without prior notification
  • HiDubai lists deals around the city and it holds no responsibility on any promotion related matters

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20% - 70% off and Enjoy 25% to 70% off on all items.